Why is it important to register the Mixed Marriage ? and how is the procedure ?

30 Mar

The legal consequences of mixed marriages who have neglected tobe listed on the institution of marriage records, especially on the status of wifeand child are:

a. that marriage is not considered legitimate in the eyes of the state;
b. when the children born in marriage, they just have a civil relationship with her mother and maternal family (Article 42
and 43 of the Marriage Law).
c. both wife and children who are born of the marriage no right to demand a living or a legacy from his father.

Consequences of mixed marriages, according to the authors, in terms of one of the parties will file a divorce, then it should be noted first marriage performed abroad by subject to the positive law of the Republic of Indonesia in the institution of marriage records in the region it is located, or in areas Indonesia where he is domiciled, as it must comply with the provisions of Article
60 paragraph (2), the recording of a marriage under the laws applicable and if it turns out Indonesian Citizen not register their marriages under the law of marriage Indonesia, and he intends to sue for divorce her partner then it Another to do is ask that the court order marriage in question has occurred.




Each bride prepare the necessary documents, namely:
1.  WNI

–       Birth Certificate

–       Family Card

–       Passport

–       The Identity Card

–       RT & RW Certificate which states concerned have not remarried,then the certificate legalized by the sub-district in the Local
When the ceremony held outside the KTP region concerned, it is necessary to fill out a form to “ride of wedlock” Photo Size 3 X 4 and 4 X 6 @ 3 pieces

2. WNA
–    Birth Certificate

–    Certificate of No Marriage / Divorce Document
–     Parent Permit (if aged under 21)
–     Family Card
–     ID Card / ID Card
–     Visa (If married in Indonesia)
–     Letter from the police to report
–     Warrant issued by the embassy
–     Photo Size 3 X 4 and 4 X 6 @ 3 pieces

THEN ALL DOCUMENTS IN legalized and translated into INDONESIAN by a sworn translator, certified by the EMBASSY OFTHE PAST IN INDONESIA


Date of the wedding plans have been registered no later than 14 days before the big day, it is intended to meet the principle of first publication of the announcement of the couple’s names on the local brides to prevent if there is a demand in the future.

The documents listed above in the following order:
A. Documents submitted to the prospective bride and groom at KUA where the ceremony will be held.
2. When the marriage did not in the office of the local KUA (eg inbuildings, mosques, etc.) it must notify the official marriage certificate
3. If there is a premarital agreement, it is delivered at time of registration.


After the marriage, the husband and wife will each receive a book /marriage certificate, which then was legalized marriage certificate the Department of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then submit it to the embassy in the country concerned to note.


Nova Sayaka Situmeank




2 Responses to “Why is it important to register the Mixed Marriage ? and how is the procedure ?”

  1. Uwan March 30, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    Thank :),,very helpful,,could you please advice if we wanna conduct the marriage at other country or at our spouse’s country, what is the terms and the procedures?

    • indonesialawforyou March 30, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

      ur welcome,

      if you have to get married in another country, then you have to do is follow the appropriate procedures established by the country where your married held, to make your marriage are valid in ur country and ur husband’s country, you have to get a letter of evidence / statements from the embassy that u guys there are married , and after u back to Indonesia, bring the letter to Register ur marriage the “Kantor Catatan Sipil (Non Islam) or KUA (Islam) as the proof that you married abroad are valid, based on Marriage Act No.1 in 1974, you have to registered your marriage abroad in Indonesia can not be longer than 1 year after the wedding done abroad.

      thus, your marriage has been declared valid and recognized in your country and state your spouse, you also will be protected from problems later on and will get the legal protections of marriage.

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