Can a foreigner own a house in Indonesia?

30 Mar
The contribution of foreigners in Indonesia are increasing, many foreigners living in Indonesia and no doubt they are also entitled to the ownership of assets of housing in Republic of Indonesia.
Foreigners whose presence provides benefits for national development (own and maintain the economic interests inIndonesia) to carry out the investment can have a house for a residence or dwelling with certain rights.
Ownership of a house and the acquisition of land by foreigners can be done by:
a. Buy or build a house on the ground with the Right to Use on State land or land Right to Use Property Rights;
b. Buy apartment units built on land Use Rights on State land;
c. Buy or build a house on land or rights Proprietary Lease for thebuilding on the basis of a written agreement with the owner of the land rights are concerned.

Agreement with the holder of land rights, must be made between foreigners and holders of land rights and made a deed in front of the Land Deed Officer (PPAT) and then issued the certificate of land rights.

This Agreement may be extended provided that not more than 25 years, and foreigners still remain in parts of Indonesia. If the stranger was not in Indonesia, then within one year have to give up their rights to land or divert to others who are qualified, if not carried over from a defined time period, then:
– Houses are built on land use rights on state, controlled by the Statefor the auction;
– The house is based on an agreement with the holder of the rights to the land itself belongs to holders of land rights are concerned.

 Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian No. 7 Year 1996 jo The Regulation of Government No. 41 year 1996.

Nova Sayaka Situmeank / psa-nys-30032012

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